Get on Board with Social Media This Winter!

Have you hopped on the social media bandwagon yet? As a CPA, you may not think that social media applies to your profession but the truth is, it is becoming a part of almost every profession! It is no longer something that gets turned off while in the office but it actually has become an integral part of business! It is a way to communicate and a way to reach out to clients.

Why should you be embracing social media? Allow us to get specific:

  • Instant messaging: Whether you are interested in peer-to-peer communication or even employee-customer chatting, discussion groups are a great way to do this.
  • Meetings via the web: You can hold net meetings, podcasts, virtual training and more on the internet.
  • Blogging: Writing on a company blog is a great way to connect with clients, share news, information, tips and establish an online presence.
  • Facebook/Twitter: Having a company page on Facebook and Twitter is essential in order to connect with clients and customers these days. Set your accounts up, today!

Just remember: if you are using social media in the office, it is probably best to have a policy in place to avoid issues of privacy. For more information on this, contact our agents at Mitchell and Mitchell Insurance Agency. We would be more than happy to discuss with you!


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