5 Types of Workers Compensation Fraud

Accountants: Just because you work at a desk job day in and day out, it does not make you any least susceptible to face an injury or accident in the workplace! As the owner of a firm, you should always be looking for ways to make the workplace a safer environment. If not, you may be facing workers compensation claims much sooner than later.

Unfortunately in our world today, some employees will take advantage of workers compensation. This act is known as “workers compensation fraud” and can hurt your premium in the long run. In order to keep you aware of such an act, we have put together a list of five types of workers comp fraud to be aware of.

  1. Malingering. A worker may take off more time than necessary by claiming that they are STILL “disabled.” In reality, he or she may be ready to come back to work.
  2. Old injury. If an old injury did not heal as well as one had hoped, he or she may claim that they were injured while on the job. It is best to investigate this type of situation.
  3. Fake injury. Yes, some workers will even go as far as faking an injury to collect. Be aware that neck and back problems are hard to disprove, making it a “go to” for frauds.
  4. Inflated injury. An employee may over-exaggerate an injury. If they have a minor ache, they may claim that they have a damaged back.
  5. Offsite injury. Some workers will hurt themselves on their own time, such as pulling their back while lifting something at home. Once they arrive to work, they may claim to have done so while on the job. This is a common and easy way to collect workers comp.

Being aware is the first step to prevention. If you keep an eye out for the fraudulent acts above, you may be able to avoid such a scenario all together.

If you have any other questions regarding your accountants insurance or workers compensation, please do not hesitate to reach out to our agents at Mitchell and Mitchell Insurance Agency.


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