7 Earthquake Preparedness Tips

3/4/2013 5:32:14 AM

Did you know that the first strong recorded earthquake occurred in the Los Angeles region in 1769? It gave four violent shocks about 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles. In 2013, California still ranks the second state with the highest number of earthquakes a year.

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As a resident of California, it is important that you are always ready for a little shaking and quaking. Whether major or minor, these quakes can cause harm and damage to those who are not careful or prepared. This week, our agency wants to share a few reminders and tips when it comes to earthquake preparedness.

#1: Educate all those in your household about earthquake safety, from the actions to take during the quake to the best places to take shelter.

#2: Always stock up on emergency supplies. Supply kit should include: radio with batteries, flashlights, extra batteries, water bottles, first aid kit, non perishable food, medical supplies, medications, blankets, etc.

#3: Keep your home arranged for safety. It is important that you do not hang large/heavy mirrors over doorways or in place where people typically stand. Always keep heavy objects on the lowest part of a shelf/cabinet.

#4: Always anchor heavy appliances and furniture (bookcases, water heaters, fridge, etc.)

#5: Make sure everyone in the household knows where to and how to turn off water, gas and electricity.

#6: Keep flammable liquids away from potential ignition sources.

#7: Locate safe spots in your home. If you cannot do so, you should make safe spots!

By following the advice above, you may be able to remain safe and sound during even the strongest quake. Remember, it is also important that you are prepared for the worst case scenario, financially. Do not hesitate to ask our agents at Mitchell and Mitchell Insurance Agency about our earthquake insurance solutions.

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