ATTENTION DRIVERS: The Costly Consequences of Drinking and Driving

3/11/2013 6:03:05 AM

Who is planning on celebrating Irish heritage this weekend? It is no secret that St. Patrick’s Day can be a wild and rambunctious holiday. Good friends and family will gather to enjoy parades, parties, festivities and more – drinks included. While it is fun to “let loose” and have a few drinks to celebrate, it is important that you remember to play it safe, as well. This means being a responsible drinker and staying OFF of the roads – whether you are drunk or even slightly buzzed! Driving while intoxicated will lead to a large number of consequences – costly or deadly.

St. Patricks Day safety.png 
If you are found driving while under the influence, you may face one or more of the following consequences:

•    Possible time spent in a jail cell
•    Hefty court and attorney fees (bail, cost of lawyer, etc.)
•    An increase in your car insurance premium
•    Loss of license and driving privileges
•    Community service time
•    Requirement to take drivers education courses (again!)
•    A DUI charge – will not look good on your driving record!
•    Injuring yourself or another person
•    Fatality

As you can see, these consequences are harsh! Even a minor accident could lead to an expensive or irreversible disaster.

To play is safe, remember to find a designated driver for the day (a close friend or family member is your best bet.) If you cannot find a driver, simply turn to public transportation, such as the bus or even a local cab company. The safer you are this weekend, the more memories you will make – for the better!

Our agents at Mitchell and Mitchell Insurance Agency hope that you have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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