Keep CPAs Healthy and Stress-Free During Tax Season

4/1/2013 5:44:52 AM

Tax season continues on! All of your staff accountants are working hard day in and day out to get the work done before April 15th. As the firm leader, it is important that you continually motivate your staff to get them through the tough days ahead. These days are demanding and can be awfully “taxing” on a person!

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With the end in sight, you may want to improve your motivation skills to get through the number crunching marathon.

How? Here are a few tips to pass along to your staff…

•    PRIORITIZE! Make a to-do list to keep yourself on track.

•    Clear clutter on your desk to clear the clutter of your mind. It works!

•    Maintain a comfortable work environment for the best results. Choose a comfortable chair, keep your area well lit, etc.

•    Eat healthy! Fuel your body and mind with a healthy breakfast and lunch.

•    Always take breaks – they are necessary to stay fueled and focused.

•    Maintain a positive mindset by thinking about all the work you have DONE rather than all the work you have LEFT.

•    Rest your eyes, when necessary. Staring at the computer monitor all day will take a toll on your body.

Keeping all well and healthy during tax season is crucial to completing the work on time – and of course, accurately. Our agency sincerely hopes that the next few weeks fly by and that your firm has another successful tax season!

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