Advice for Newlyweds: Go Over Insurance Matters, ASAP!

6/10/2013 5:37:49 AM

Our advice to newlyweds is simple: Go over insurance matters, as soon as possible! Why? The sooner you are properly protected, the easier it will be to tackle the unexpected as a couple.

wedding coverage.png 
To get you started, our agency has put together a quick “cheat sheet.” These are the most important policies to go over together:

Auto insurance: Combining your auto insurance is the way to go if you are married. Not only may you receive a multi-vehicle discount, but married couples may be rewarded with a lower premium!

Disability insurance: Having disability insurance in place will ensure that you still have a monthly income coming in, in the event that you are injured/ill and are disabled to work. This policy is important for married couples who have purchased their own home and must keep up with household bills and necessities.

Home insurance or Renters insurance: Whether you buy or rent, you and your spouse will need to decide on a policy for your home. It should cover personal possessions, liability, and more. If you have moved in with your spouse, be sure to cancel your previous homeowners policy!

Life insurance: This policy is important, especially now that you are married. Term life insurance is a good choice for most newlyweds, but always ask about options. If you are planning on having children soon, be sure to mention this!

Of course, if you need help with consolidating, our agents at Mitchell and Mitchell Insurance Agency would be more than happy to help. Our knowledgeable agents can go over your new living situation and lifestyle in order to combine and save you money. What is better than that?

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