Home Improvement: Contractor Advice for Bathroom Renovation

6/17/2013 4:53:17 AM

Spring is the season for remodeling the home, and upgrading your bathroom with a new shower stall, faucets, sinks and flooring is a popular choice. The key is to get it done right with minimal headaches. That means hiring an experienced contractor who can do the job quickly, professionally and at a reasonable price. Before beginning the remodeling, be certain that you hire the best contractor. Here are a few tips to consider before hiring an independent contractor to remodel your bathroom.

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Ask if the Contractor is Insured

Ask the contractor if he carries insurance that covers accidents and mishaps. This insurance is necessary to cover an employee who is injured on the job. A homeowner can be sued by an injured worker for medical expenses and wages that are lost.

Ask About Building Permits

Many cities and counties require that building permits are paid for and posted properly. The local government inspector can fine a homeowner for not carrying the proper building permits and stop all remodeling until the proper permits are certified. Ask the contractor who is responsible for securing the necessary permits.

Ask How Long the Job Will Take

The contractor should give you an estimated start and completion date on your bathroom remodel. Contractors usually are working on more than one job. If materials arrive to complete a different project, he will pull the crew off your job to complete the other work. An end date will give the contractor incentive to complete your bathroom remodel on time.

Ask For a Lien Release

The contractor will run up a bill from a supplier for materials as he works on your bathroom. This arrangement allows the contractor to get all the material needed to complete your bathroom. After you pay the contractor, then the supplier is paid. If the contractor doesn’t pay the bill, the supplier can file a builder’s lien in civil court against the homeowner. Insist on a lien release in the contract.

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