How to Celebrate Insurance on Insurance Awareness Day!

6/24/2013 6:34:35 AM

June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day – did you know that? Our agents at Mitchell and Mitchell Insurance Agency are excited for the big day! Honestly, there are not many days dedicated to our industry… an industry that keeps people safe from the unexpected and brings peace of mind to individuals. We believe that it is important to celebrate this day, because let’s face it – insurance is important in our lives!

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How should you be promoting insurance awareness day? Our agency has a few ideas to share…

•    Celebrate with a lower premium! How? There are plenty of ways, from asking about discounts to increasing your deductible for a lower monthly payment.

•    Call in and ask to pay your bill annually rather than monthly. This is a great way to save money by avoiding installment fees.

•    Finally learn more about that policy you have been considering, whether that is an umbrella policy or extra liability.

•    Are you a smoker? It may be time to quit! Those who do not smoke will have a lower premium than those who do.

•    Simply check in on your coverage. When is the last time that you have done this? Chances are, you pay your bills and forget about insurance. Instead of forgetting, learn more about what you are protected from and how you can improve it.

•    Find a funny e-card online and post it on your social media pages.

•    Refer a friend to our local agency! Let them know that they can get insurance online with us.

Are you ready to celebrate with us? Good! We look forward to speaking with our wonderful clients in California on June 28th.

Happy Insurance Awareness Day!

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