The Dangers of Fireworks

7/1/2013 5:33:36 AM

Can you believe the Fourth of July is this week? Time flies! If you are ready to celebrate by grilling, drinking and fireworking, our agency is right there with you. It should be a beautiful week in California.

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But hey—not so fast! While grilling and drinking may be okay, firework displays are not always legal for everyone. Why? Well, they can be incredibly dangerous and destructive if they are not used correctly or cautiously.  In fact, over 50,000 fires at home are started by fireworks according to statistics. So, first and foremost, it is important to make sure that personal fireworks are legal in your state. Find out if this is the case on the U.S. Fireworks website. If you have the go-ahead, read on!

Here is a list of firework safety tips to keep in mind this Independence Day:

•    Adult supervision is critical. Never allow little ones to play with fireworks (unless there is supervision and aid)

•    Do not make your own fireworks. It is important to only use LEGAL fireworks.

•    Aim your fireworks at the SKY, not people, bushes, trees, homes, etc.

•    Firework displays should be done in an open area, field, or a place where there is few trees.

•    Only light one firework at a time.

•    Always keep a bucket of water or hose on hand. You never know if a fire will ignite!

•    Keep pets away from fireworks.

Now that you have the permission AND have gone over safety tips, it is time to have a “BLAST!” Mitchell and Mitchell Insurance Agency sincerely hopes that you have a wonderful holiday—without any injuries or accidents to put an end to the fun.

Party on—the safe way!

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