Motivate Employees throughout the Season with Summer Hours

7/15/2013 5:32:16 AM

Lazy summer days are not only for those who stay home. You may notice a few of your employees are lazy in the workplace, too! Sometimes, the nice weather makes it hard to focus. As a business owner, this is not ideal. So, how can you motivate your employees throughout the summer season? We have the perfect solution: Summer hours.

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For many business owners, the greatest concern when it comes to summer hours is productivity and getting work done on time. While this is a good concern to have, there are always ways to ensure that productivity levels are still up to par. This week, we have three ways you can implement flexible summer hours without losing efficiency.

#1: Working from Home. Telecommuting not only save money on gas, but it will allow employees to lounge by the pool while working on assignments and taking calls. Allow employees to work from home on Fridays or a day of their choosing.

#2: Friday Freebie. If you want to be the best boss ever, you may offer employees to take 3-day weekends throughout the summer. How? Give employees the option to add TWO HOURS to their day, Monday through Thursday. For instance, instead of 9 to 5, they will work 8 to 6, or 9 to 7. Many employees would prefer to work harder for four days in order to have the fifth day off completely.

#3: Half-Day Fridays. Allow employees to flex their schedules in order to leave work early on Fridays. If they work extra hours to get work done during the week, why not allow them to leave at 1PM on Fridays?

If your employees are able to achieve a healthy work-life balance through the summer, they are surely going to be grateful and employee morale will be at its peak.

Are you ready to enjoy summer hours along with your staff? Make a plan and make the announcement this week. There is still time left to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine!

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