In Light of National Simplify Your Life Week: Simplify Your Business

7/29/2013 4:58:08 AM

The first week of August is coming and that means National Simplify Your Life Week will soon be in full swing! While many people tend to associate this observance with at home life, why not apply it to your work life? There are plenty of things that can be simplified in the workplace.

man at desk.png 
So, how can you simplify your life at work? Our agency has a few tips to share, right here!

#1: Make it a habit to use a “to do” list. This is a great way to keep yourself focused and on track each and every week. Trying to remember everything in your head is never a great strategy!

#2: Clean out your desk—and clean OFF your desk. A cluttered desk is only going to lead to chaos and confusion. Having a clean work space is a great and easy way to simplify.

#3: Know when to say “no.” Everyone wants to help everyone, but everyone has their limits! If you truly cannot get to a task, do not be afraid to speak up.

#4: Check in on your coverage. If you are a business owner, have you considered simplifying your coverage? Turn to the same agency for all of your business needs, as well as personal. You may receive a bundling discount!

If you are a business owner looking to simplify your business, these tips are sure to come in handy. Hey, if you are an employee, you may still benefit from a few of these!

At Mitchell and Mitchell Insurance Agency, we believe that even the hardest working people deserve to catch a break every once in a while. So this week, make an extra effort to do so! If you are looking to simplify your coverage, do not hesitate to reach out to us at your earliest convenience.

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