School is in session. Watch for school buses!

8/26/2013 8:17:10 AM
Now that the school year is just about underway, you will certainly be seeing a lot of school buses on the road.  Whether your child is on one of those school buses or you are merely another driver sharing the road with the buses, you will want to pay extra attention to safety.  

When you see school buses on the road, you might cringe at the thought of getting stuck behind them while they make their seemingly endless stops.  Sure, it can be a pain.  Finding an alternate route is in your best interest especially if you want to get to your destination on time.  However, if you can not find a different way to go you will need to know the rules of following a school bus during its route.

School bus drivers will give you plenty of indications that they will be coming to a stop before they get there.  First, they will turn on their yellow flashing lights so you will know to slow down.  Then, those lights will turn to red which means they are approaching a stop.  You will need to stop completely when those lights are on.  Be careful to not block any intersections and leave enough room behind the bus.  

When the bus is stopped, watch for children getting on and off and for parents who will be waiting for their kids.  Remember that kids will be excited and may not follow the rule of walking in front of the bus to cross the street.  They may take off in different directions.  Stay alert and do not drive off until the bus driver has turned off the red flashers.  And never pass a school bus when it is at a bus stop.

School bus safety is important for everyone who shares the road.  Keep everyone safe by paying extra attention this school year for school buses!

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