The Premier Plan: Accountants Insurance Made Flexible!

As you can see, last week we discussed the many benefits of a Premier Plan. If you enjoyed reading about these benefits last week, you are sure to enjoy hearing about the flexibility of this plan! You know that accountants insurance is not an option; you might as well choose a comprehensive plan that will have all areas covered, no matter how unique your situation is.

Here are a few optional coverages to take into consideration:

#1: Coverage for registered representatives. If you choose this option, you will be covered for the sale of securities, eliminating the need to purchase a separate policy.

#2: Bodily injury coverage. This particular policy is aimed towards firms providing CPA ElderCare Services.

#3: Coverage for life insurance agents. Any agents or brokers in your firm will be covered, whether they deal with life, accident, health and/or disability insurance policy.

#4: Protection from employee dishonesty. This policy will provide coverage for losses sustained due to employee dishonesty (bookkeepers handling client monies, etc.)

#5: Coverage for not-for-profit directors and officers defense cost reimbursement.

At Mitchell and Mitchell Insurance Agency, we understand that no two firms are exactly the same. That is why we take pride in putting together unique plans for each of our clients. No matter what your firm needs, we will make sure you are 100% covered.

If you are interested in our accountants insurance policy, contact us for a free quote!


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