5 Tips to Avoid Simple Accounting Errors

While you may be an accounting professional, that does not eliminate the room for errors. Even the most experienced business owners and employees will make a mistake here and there! For these times, there is CPA liability insurance as back up. Without protection, your firm may face a financial disaster!

To keep simple errors to a minimum, we have put together five tips:

#1: Double check. Or even triple check your work and data entry! When any documents are filled out, it is important to look them over before finalizing and sending.

#2: Upgrade your software. The better the program is that you use, the more professional your company will seem.

#3: Do not rush. Rushing through your work leaves more room for errors (misclassifying, forgetting to classify all-together, etc.)

#4: Establish a filing system. Having everything in its own proper place will make finding and sorting through documents much easier.

#5: Review your records at least once a month. Go over all bank records, invoices, open accounts, debts, etc. You do not want any expenses to slip by or else it will throw your accuracy off!

With these tips, you may be able to avoid accounting errors with much more ease. The bottom line: accountants must be organized and have a good eye for details. Any disorganization or carelessness may result in a much larger issue! For those times when your firm faces financial woes or lawsuits, there is CPA liability insurance. If you are interested in learning more about this policy, contact our agency today!


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